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Hey you, welcome! Question, have you heard of kintsugi?

Kintsugi means "golden joinery" or "golden repair" in Japanese. It's an ancient pottery art form dating back to around the 15th century! Essentially the kintsugi method fixes broken things by binding them together with golden lacquer. This makes the original piece look even more beautiful after it's all glued back together with gold shimmering through in the cracks.

The story goes Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the eighth shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate, mistakenly broke his favorite tea bowl and rather than just throwing it away (applause for sustainability) he sent away for it to be repaired. Unsatisfied with the first results he tasked crafts masters with the task of repairing the bowl in a beautiful manner that honored the original piece and added even more spirit to it after the break, and kintsugi was born! Just as well Yoshimasa had the foresight not to throw his favorite tea bowl away because it came back to him looking even more beautiful than before after being repaired using the kintsugi method. Actually upon reflection we are very glad he broke his favorite tea bowl and then went through all that effort, because now we get to experience stunning pieces of kintsugi art in it's many modern day interpretations.

Now another question, aren't you far more precious than some dead guy's favorite tea bowl? The spirit of kintsugi is all about embracing imperfections and seeing beauty in life's scars. That's what we believe and live out here at Best Life CBD oil. Best Life was born out of a burning desire to live our best lives during and despite life's ups & down's. Kintsugi is the perfect visual metaphor of the Best Life spirit, when broken we will not settle for less of throwing away the lessons and just repeating familiar history of missteps continuing to break. In fact in these missteps or breaks there are lessons learned and spirit which we see as the gold shimmering through the cracks just like kintsugi! And just like that this CBD brand was born.

CBD has many many benefits it optimizes health and well being and the positive feedback results keep growing daily as CBD has been shown to work harmoniously with the body's endocrine system. At Best Life the essence behind this CBD brand is you living your best life flaws and all, we offer high quality CBD products and Best Life content to help you do just that! This is a community and we like being inspired also so please share your Best Life content with us to share with others using #bestlifecbd 

Yoshimasa showed there is love, care and respect involved in repair. This adds even more value to broken things because of the conscious effort taken to repair them. And this is why we do what we do at Best Life, we honor that conscious effort, that spirit that grows when striving to live one's Best Life now even after all the breaks and cracks. We have a fighting spirit to do this running through everything we do, we also just happen make awesomely good for you CBD! In life the golden shimmer is the magic, the growth and the evolution. We are passionate about seeing that golden shimmer! So shimmer on!

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