Can I Mix CBD Oil With My Morning Coffee?

"A politicians daughter was accused of drinking water..." - (The Coffee Song - 1946)

This week one of the best songs I listened to is the legendary Sam Cooke's cover of Frank Sinatra's The Coffee Song. A happy song that mentally transports the listener straight to Brazil and Cooke's voice, well it's just pure velvet!

This morning I experimented and mixed in a few drops of Best Life CBD oil into my black coffee. Best Life CBD oil is pleasantly mint flavored and I wasn't sure how it would taste with my brew. I needn't have worried as the combination was smooth just like Cooke's voice. Also I noticed didn't feel the regular tangs of coffee breath afterwards thanks to the cbd oil's subtle mint. 

It sounds a bit counter intuitive I suppose mixing coffee(which gives a buzz) and cbd oil(which has a calming effect) but it works. I felt even more focused and not jittery like sometimes I get with coffee.

I don't take cbd for medicinal purposes so I don't take a precise dosage. I take Best Life CBD oil to generally optimize my health and well being, I am keen to experiment with different intake methods that work for me. If the taste of hemp oil isn't your favorite thing it is worth experimenting to see how combining cbd hemp oil with other flavors or foods can work for you.

CBD oil has a 20-30% bio-availability when held for 60 secs under the tongue(sublingual) and when mixed in a drink this bio-availability can go down to 6%. Which sure is a big drop, but just sometimes in the interests of flavor experimentation and being discreet(say taking cbd in the office) just like Sam sings cbd oil still "You Send Me"!  



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