About Us

With one life to live, well as far is known, we strive to live it to the full! One of the best ways to do this is by giving our bodies and minds all that they need in order to be able to operate harmoniously and facilitate peak performance.

Founder Aisha started Best Life CBD with a desire to live my #bestlife, in the words of Oprah, Marc Anthony, Ariana Grande and many more. Though I have an avid interest in mindfulness studying this at Oxford University, natural remedies and well-being it felt as though something was still missing that if I found it could help me better cope with the stresses of everyday living, especially in this digital age. After searching high and low it was only through research trying different things and taking the time to listen to and understand my body's needs that I found CBD oil.

Aisha was amazed to find out about CBD's impressive history dating all the way back to Queen Victoria in the 1800's and even earlier! It was fascinating learning about how CBD interacts so perfectly and naturally with our bodies! With the many benefits that CBD brings it is great seeing it is now largely legalized in most countries. Deciding this elixir was too good to keep to herself Aisha set out to share this passion with others and sourced the best quality CBD products to make available to you! Best Life CBD is inspired by art, optimal well-being and fulled by creative passion. Thanks to your support 10% of Best Life CBD profits goes to good causes.

Why don't try some today and let us know what you think. 

B life x