CBD Oil Drops 500mg (5%) 10ml  Zero THC Full Spectrum 3 Month Subscription
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Best Life CBD Instructions How to Use Oil Drops
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CBD Oil Drops 500mg (5%) 10ml Zero THC Full Spectrum 3 Month Subscription

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There's nothing worse than running out of something you need is there! This is the three pack option of Best Life CBD oil which gives you enough for a three month supply subscription trial. To experience the full benefits of CBD it has to build up in your endocrine system with daily doses over a prolonged period of time, similar to taking any type of food supplement or multivitamin. Everyone is different so to see the benefits of CBD for yourself we would suggest a trial of a minimum of three months saving on three individual bottles and shipping. 

Best Life CBD oil contains hemp extract obtained from the hemp plant leaves and flowers that is then fused with the perfect carrier hemp seed oil. Best Life CBD oil has gone through a CO2 extraction type process and is of food grade quality. Vegan, gluten free, sustainable and certified this oil can be used day and night. Natural food supplement to be administered by adults. 

Best Life CBD Oil Product Description 

  • 5% (500mg) CBD oil natural food supplement in 10ml bottle 
  • High quality CO2 CBD extraction type process from hemp plant
  • CBD isolate tincture infused in nutritious hemp seed oil 
  • Non-psychoactive and complies with the THC specification requirement of being less than 0.05% (Zero Percent THC) 
  • Refreshing Mint flavor 

Product Directions

  • To dispense hold a few oil drops under the tongue for 60 secs then swallow
  • Repeat 2-3 times daily morning, noon or night to build up levels
  • To see full advantages use continuously for extended period of time*
  • Oil drops can be infused into cold and warm drinks or food
  • Store bottle in cool dark place

*Note: We suggest starting off with a few drops then building up to a maximum of 10 daily drops in order to feel the maximum benefit and effects of CBD for you. CBD oil needs to be continuously used for one to three months in order to see the real long term benefits to the body's endocrine system.